Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects
  1. WHO sponsored "National Multi-centric Indian rabies survey" (2004).

  2. APCRI-TATA Project on Rabies Control: An integrated approach for eliminating human rabies, reducing the number of incidents of dog bites, other zoonoses and improving street dog welfare at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand(2013 to 2016).

  3. WHO-APCRI Indian multi-centric rabies survey 2017 - Assembling new evidence in support of dog-mediated human rabies elimination in India considering cost-effectiveness, feasibility and impact of improving access and coverage to rabies post-exposure prophylaxis and aspects of rabies vaccination policy.
    WHO-APCRI Rabies Survey, 2017- Executive Summary
    WHO-APCRI Rabies Survey, 2017 - Full Report